Introducing EnSuite® FERC EQR Filer

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Is Your Company an Existing or New FERC EQR Filer? 
Are You Ready for the Informational and Technological Changes Mandated by FERC Orders 768 and 770?
EnDimensions Has a Solution!
EnSuite® FERC EQR Filer trial version will be available free of charge to EQR filers for the first filing deadline,due October 31st, 2013.  For more information or to request a trial version, please contact us at:

EnDimensions is pleased to announce the FERC EQR Filer, a new module of EnSuite® that provides the framework and mechanism for automatically submitting EQR reports to FERC, in compliance with the new requirements of FERC Orders 768 and 770. Together with the EnSuite® Reporting Module, it provides an end-to-end EQR solution from data collection and report preparation to the actual filing.

To read more about this module, please visit the Solutions section of our website.

EnDimensions Solutions Team


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